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Question: If you Unread a book, which one would it be? Is it because you want to start over and experience it again for the first time? or Because it was THAT BAD?
If I could ”Unread” a book I think I would choose “Fearless” not for what happened. It was a surpising ending in itself and a bit sad. I do not know if I would wonder if he would Adam would have gotten out of the army sooner if that happened to him all over again or not.
Another book I would like to “Unread” is the “Little House the Prairie” I enjoy this these books a lot and have re-read them bout one in I love the most and that “Farmer Boy”. I sometime wonder if I unread them that they feel like I never read them before. Believe it or not each time I read them I am amaze because I do not remember everything that happens in the book. It like a brand new book.
Two books I would love to Unread is “Horse Camp” and “No Name Baby”. To me these two books were really boring and did not make much sense to me at all. There was a big family secret in No Name Baby and I got that right way but the story did not make much sense though the book and explain it in the end but it was really boring and I wanted to drop the book and leave it. Horse Camp was just boring to read and made not sense at all about what was about and feel this way even after I read the book to the end.

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