Book Blogger Hop #7

Book Blog Hop was created by Crazy For Books

Question: Do you have a keeper shelf for books you loved? What books are on that shelf and why?

My Answer: Yes Do I have a Keeper Shelf. This Shelf is scattered around my bedroom. Some books are on bookshelves some are in a folding bin and some are on my headboard and in the selves on headboard.
The Books on this keeper Shelf or Shelves for me are “The Boxcar Children”, “Chicken Soup for Soul Books”, “The Baby Sitter Club”, “The Baby Sitter Little Sister”, “Oliver Twist” “Peter Pan”, “Pee Wee Scout” and some many more.
Why do I keep these books… Well mostly because I read them and reread them. Some I found I really like and will read them again. Some I was given for my birthday or Christmas and I just keep them around and some I have read but some have not and want to read them at some point.

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