I’m Twirrely! Cover Reveal

Book Title: I’m Twirrely is Cover is being Revealed.

Book Synopsis:  It’s about a sweet sassy little squirrel that just wants to dance and be with her friends and family. Twirrely takes you through her day and shows you why her name suits her so well. 

Author Bio: I can be followed on:
My author website: www.brendalochinger.com
Twitter: @brendalochinger
Goodreads author and blog page: www.goodreads.com/author/show/4833113.Brenda_Lochinger
There was a giveaway to this on May 2,2013 on her Facebook page. If you pre order the book I’m Twirrely you can get a free copy of I’m Squirrely on Ebooks and then you will receive I’m Twirrely on May 6, 2014. Here is the link to it: I’m Twirrely. I’m Twirrely! is the second book in The Nut Family Series.

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