Book Blogger Hop #4

 June 8, 2012 is when this was posted.

Question: If you were to write a book, what type of book would you write?

My Answer if were too. I would probably write to be fiction with a little of Romance in it but also about a lot to do with Family. It be centered around family.
I am in the making of a story called “True Love”. This will not be a book in anyway. It will be a story for my sims 3 eventually. I have started writing the story I have about 5 chapter written. It still in draft mode and and is still be written. Once I get though this writer block on it I will probably finish it and work on the other stuff for it.
I like a said it not a book, I am writing it a story for something fun.
What are you writing or doing it for fun even if it not a book that being written.

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