Caputured by Love

Book Title: Captured by Love

Author: Jody Hedlund

Genres: Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Woman Fiction, War,

Series: Michigan Brides #3

Disclaimer: I received this book from Bethany House for an honesty Review.

Description: It is 1814 and the British have taken hold of Mackinac Island and its fort, forcing American residents to swear an oath of loyalty to the British crown in order to retain their land. Pierre Durant is a voyageur–a fur trader who left his family home to find freedom and adventure. He’s been gone five years and when he returns, his family’s farm is at the mercy of the British invaders.
Torn between the life he’s grown used to and guilt over leaving his brother and mother, he’s drawn back into the loyalist fight against the British–and into a relationship with Angelique Mackenzie, a beautiful local girl who’s been befriended by the daughter of the British commander. As tensions mount and the threat of violence increases, both Angelique and Pierre must decide where their loyalties rest, how far they will go to find freedom, and how much they will risk to find love.

Publisher: Bethany House

Publish date: July 1, 2014

My Thoughts: Wonderful story about how life was kind of dealt with at that time. This story tell about the battle of 1812. There a lovely story about two people and their love. They have a few thing to go though. Their tail and error and you do learn about the fur trading and much more. It is really cool and fun way to see how the battle of 1812.There adventures in the book as well. It a book with leaves you wanting more. I so really would love to have read the other two books in series. I tend to do so at some point. Love history well this a book for you. Love American history this is a book for you as well. It has Romance in it as well. It’s a great book all around.

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The Amazing Adventures of Paddy Platypus

Title of Book: The Amazing Adventures of Paddy Platypus
Author: Tom De Paolo
Publisher: Createspace
Genres: Children, Animals, Adventure
Pub Date: March 27, 2012 (78 Pages, Paperback)
Book Source: I received this book from the author himself for any honest review
Contact Author: Goodreads


My Thoughts:
I was enjoyed this book. It tells about how Platypus are. They tell as a bit about them. We find out how fast he is and what he good at. It also teaches us about good at and what they do not like.

It a really good book for young readers and children. It funny as well. It quite a cutie book and really enjoy it. Paddy goes for adventure and to find out where and what happens at the end you should read the book. The pictures are good for children that can not read for it quite entering along with it being a chapter book style.

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Last Plane out of Paris: Collectors Edition

Book Title: Last Plane out of Paris: Collectors Edition
Author: Paul Moxham
Genre: Action, WWII, Adventure, Romance,
Book Source: Won in a Giveaway (E-book)

When the Germans invade France in June 1940, two British officers parachute into the country in an attempt to rescue a French aircraft designer, a man whose designs could decide the fate of the upcoming war.

With the help of the French resistance they manage to get their man, but are pursued by enemy agents who blow up the rescue plane. With no other options, and with the full force of the German Army heading their way, the team decide to make their way to Paris, where allied forces still remain in control.

And so the desperate race to get to Paris before the Germans begins. Follow them as they escape a burning barn, get swept into a raging river, and survive a tank attack. Read with bated breath as they try to escape the clutches of a traitor, have the Gestapo breathing down their neck, and much more!

Blending fact with fiction, this account of one of the darkest days of World War 2, told through the eyes of two British airmen, is a rip roaring novel that will have readers eagerly turning the pages in an attempt to find out the vital question – will the British airmen get to Paris before the Germans?

My Thoughts:
This story starts out slow at first. Though once things get going it non stop action. It felt like what going to happen to these two agents. Though it was something. British Airmen have a mission to do but we are not told until they reach the France Resistance  Though though out the whole  thing they  spect one person and they hold the spies with them think it the other person.

Things to got from bad to worse but how are the German getting the information  Though things are getting more execting has the book goes on. Their original mission is failed though they get a new mission. The new mission is to save a person that is to land in England. I am so in to this book for it give you sence of what happening before the United States enter the WWII.

I am looking forward to find out more about this even though it part fiction and part fact. I am waitting to see if there another book to follow.

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A Quest for Good Manners

Book Title: A Quest for Good Manners
Author: Karin Lefranc
Genres: Children, Education, Good Manners, Adventure
Publisher: Beluga Press
Pub Date: June 1, 2011 ( 32 Pages, Hardcover)
Book Source: I received it from the Author herself for an Honest review
Contact Author: Goodreads

Rosalind is not your typical princess–she and her pet dragon, Sparkler, are very rude. ”What’s the big deal with manners anyway?” the princess asks. ”Why do we always have to say please and thank you? And who cares how we use a napkin?”

Appalled by this behavior, the queen banishes the impolite pair from her castle until they find Good Manners. Percival, the wizard, sends them on their quest with the help of a magic fork, facing several challenges along the way. Not until the final test do Rosalind and Sparkler discover the real secret behind Good Manners.

Manners are more than mere rules of etiquette–good manners make others feel at ease and are the foundation of compassion and gratitude. It is a never-ending quest for parents and teachers to instill in our children the importance of good manners. This book is a precious tool in achieving that goal. Children and parents alike will love–and learn from–this story.

My Thoughts:
I finished this book and It as sweet and cute. I enjoyed the pictures and really enjoyed the dragon. I love the pictures in the book. it was lovely story about Good Manners. It teaches us manners, table manners, the three magic words.

They go on three different quests to three different places. It really educational and good for very young children and the picture are beautiful. It good for boys and girls and all age group for children.

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The Railway Children

Title of Book: The Railway Children
Author: E. Nesbit
Genres: Children, Classic, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Young Adult
Publisher: Puffin
Pub Date: 1994 (267 Pages, Paperback)
Book Source: Read book online

When their father is sent away to prison, three London children move to the country where they keep busy preventing accidents on the nearby railway, making many new friends, and generally learning a good deal about themselves.

My Thoughts:
I love this book. I love trains just as much as books. I enjoyed the charthers in the book. It about a family that has to make adjustment on the fly. I quite enjoyable. I love how this is a Classic. I did not know this book was out there to read while I was growing up. The Children name are Bobby, Phil and Paul.

If you want to know mare about it what happens I would suggest picking it up. Something happens that causes their father to go away.

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The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island

Title of Book: The Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island
Author: Laura Lee Hope
Series: The Bobbsey Twins #10
Genres: Children, Adventure, Mystery, Classic
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Pub Date: June 3, 2004 (196 Pages, Hardcover) First published March 1, 1930

Bert’s eyes went to the labyrinth which he was so eager to finish. His heart gave a leap, and he stopped still. Over the top of the hedge near the entrance, he could see the head of an animal moving.

“It’s a huge, brown bear!” Bert thought wildly.

The Bobbsey Twins — Bert and Nan, Freddie and Flossie — have won millions of fans since their first adventure. Now Grosset & Dunlap is proud to reissue the classic editions of these mysteries.

My Thoughts:
This a fun filled Classic. The kids in this book go to Blueberry Island and find a Mystery. Though before they do they are in a mystery before leaving.

The two sets of twins are independent and though they also follow though with listening to their father and mother. To start this book they see the caravans that they think that are a part of the curious well the little twins do. There father comes home to find out what the problem is in the street near this house.

This book is great for children and quite enjoyable. I would recommend it.

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The Castle Tower Lighthouse

Title of Book: The Castle Tower Lighthouse
Author: Patrick H.T. Doyle
Series: Edgar Font’s  Hunt for a House to Haunt
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Young Adult, Children
Publisher: Armadillo Books
Pub Date: July 2nd 2006 (213 Pages, Paperback)
Book Source: Checked out of Library
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Synopsis: is from Goodreads
On the day eccentric ex-adventurer, Edgar Font dies he wants to haunt a house as extraordinarily unique as he is. The hunt begins when his grandchildren, Audrey and Garrett visit over summer break. They explore an abandoned lighthouse only to find it full of puzzles, ghosts and mystery. To make it out unharmed they?ll have to free the spirit of a young girl using everything they know and the lessons they learn along the way.

My Thoughts on this Book:

The way I found this book was I had return a book and was looking some books to read. I was that bored. I was scanning my library Children section. I found this in the the there. I picked it up and read the back of the cover. I was interest the by reading the back of the cover that wanted to start reading it as soon as i got home. I did just that by checking it out. Now my thought on this books…

The story starts out by having Audrey and Garret complaint they are bored and they are living with their uncle and aunt. They thinks there Grandpa Edgar is old and boring to be with him all summer. Audrey and Garret do not know what is in story for them when they arrive at Retirement home Edgar Font is staying at.

Edgar Font take this two grandchildren for an adventures though out the book. Their first adventure is at a Castle. Edgar Font see is grandchildren as unadventurous. His answer is to this is to drive them in adventure and make them go though this summer plans.

Edgar Font introduce them to all kinds of ghosts, and outlines their journey, while Edgar is not dead yet. He wants to find a place to live out eternity. Though Audrey and Garret are skeptical in the beginning, They come around be the end of the book—-all in the span of a day.

It’s a fascinating read, much more fluid than “wandering around the house and picking up clues” might suggest. The character are fleshed out for all age ranges, we learn a little bit more about each character in future installments, as they learn more about themselves. We do not get told where the next adventure is, but there’s a photograph marked, “Exploring the site for Adventure Two” in the back, and an arrow showing that it’s “just over yonder”.

This book can have you guessing along with Audrey and Garret and Edgar Font to solve the Mystery as well. Great for young readers ages 9 and up. I strongly recommend it.

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The Fakersville Power Station

Title of Book: The Fakersville Power Station
Author: Patrick H.T. Doyle
Series: Edgar Font’s Hunts for a House to Haunt
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Children, Young Adult
Publisher: Armadillo Books
Pub Date: July 1st, 2007 (Paperback, 303 Pages)
Book Source: Checked out of Library
Contact Author: Website / Blog /GoodReads Profile

Synopsis: is from Goodreads
The second installment in the acclaimed Edgar Font series follows Grandpa Edgar, Audrey, and Garrett as they explore an abandoned mining town with a buried secret locked behind a century-old puzzle. This encouraging series continues to educate readers as well as excite them with a suspenseful story.

My Thoughts on this Book:
Well to start you off, When I was finish reading the Adventure One of this series “The Castle Tower Lighthouse”. So I went in to my library and checked this one out and with the third installment. Well my thoughts on the book itself.

Combine Doyle’s unparalleled storytelling with a little guidance from the spirit world and the result is this ingenious literary concoction second in sequence only. In the forward readers are greeted with a letter from the author, which explains the origin of the story and includes a special note of thanks to his ghostly housemate, thus setting the stage for a magical reading experience.

Audrey and Garrett Font thought for sure this would have been a most boring summer, but was before their week long lighthouse adventure. Now they are as excited as their grandpa to explore the beautiful, colonial style house tuck way by towering waterfall. Following great grandpa and Leo drawings, the three of them start on their way into the vast forests of Northern California in search of Fakersville. But after sixty years, Grandpa’s memories of this picturesque area seem to be the only thing left of this once vibrant mining town. How could they find the house grandpa was so anxious to explore if they couldn’t even find the town?
They meet a new characters to be introduced is the cantankerous, president of the Inventor’s Club, Mr. Howard August. Listening to his stories the Font’s learn a great deal about the history of Fakersville, from thriving quartz mining area to a deserted ghost town of sorts, where curiosity seekers simply disappear. Following a series of clues and solving puzzles, with the assistance of a new friend, the Font’s begin to uncover the towns long buried secrets. But is it too late? Can they rescue their beloved grandpa and prevent the Mayor from writing another chapter in the mysterious story of Fakersville.
You learn lots of educational and moral lessons though out the books. There a lot going on but is a wonderful book to read. It has you guessing along with the characters. I love this book along with the first and i would recommend it.
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The Flint Island TreeHouse

Title of Book: The Flint Island TreeHouse
Author: Patrick H.T. Doyle
Genres: Fiction, Adventure, Children, Young Adult, Mystery
Series: Edgar Font’s Hunts for a House to Haunt
Publisher: Armadillo Books
Pub Date: July 1st, 2008 (Paperback, 278 Pages)
Book Source: Checked out of Library
Contact Author: Website / Blog /GoodReads Profile

Synopsis: is from Goodreads
A mysterious package leads to mystery on a volcanic island halfway around the world. With a cast of colorful new characters and lessons to be learned, this third adventure finds the Fonts having to outsmart a foe from Grandpa Edgar’s past and locate an Egyptian treasure.


My Thought on this Book:

This book did not disappoint in any way. It was just amazing as the two others in this series. The Castle Lighthouse and The Fakerville Power Station were catching as the third installment.
The Font family consist of Edgar, Audrey and Garrett Font. The Fonts get a mysterious package delivered to them. They encounter a young ghost, who strongly needs their help. They must piece together clues and break the ancient spell. If they fail, they could be trapped forever. They meet up with an unexpected foe of Edgar. Can the Fonts break the spell and find the treasure? I strongly recommend it.
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All the Stars in the Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florrie Mack Ryder, the Santa Fe Trail, 1848

Title of Book: All the Stars in the Sky: The Santa Fe Trail Diary of Florrie Mack Ryder, the Santa Fe Trail, 1848
Author: Megan McDonald
Series: Dear America
Genres: Children, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Adventure
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Pub Date: September 1, 2003 (188 Pages, Hardcover)
Book Source: Hardcover
Contact Author: Goodreads Profile /Website

Florrie finds the adventure of a lifetime along the Santa Fe Trail, meeting new challenges and dangers, after her mother decides to move her family from Missouri to New Mexico.

Starting their journey from their home in Missouri, Florrie Ryder and her family are headed towards the promise of a new life in Santa Fe. As they cross the Great Plains of the midwestern prairie, fording rivers and climbing mountains, the Ryders encounter endless hardship as they undertake this great adventure.

My Thoughts on the book:
This book is different then others I have read. For the format is in Diary setting. Though I understood the story behind it. This was great read. It told more of the history of the Trail. It about a girl that goes though the some hardships and adjustments.

Florrie and her family travel from Arrow Rock, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Florrie and her brother Jem need to adjust to having a stepfather named Mr. Ryder. You learn a lot about the daily life of being on the Santa Fe Trail back in 1848.

Most of this dairy tell you the History of America during that time. Most of the dairy is down on the trail of The Santa Fe Trail. Though that like to learn about America History, this is good for young readers.

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