The Flint Island TreeHouse

Title of Book: The Flint Island TreeHouse
Author: Patrick H.T. Doyle
Genres: Fiction, Adventure, Children, Young Adult, Mystery
Series: Edgar Font’s Hunts for a House to Haunt
Publisher: Armadillo Books
Pub Date: July 1st, 2008 (Paperback, 278 Pages)
Book Source: Checked out of Library
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Synopsis: is from Goodreads
A mysterious package leads to mystery on a volcanic island halfway around the world. With a cast of colorful new characters and lessons to be learned, this third adventure finds the Fonts having to outsmart a foe from Grandpa Edgar’s past and locate an Egyptian treasure.


My Thought on this Book:

This book did not disappoint in any way. It was just amazing as the two others in this series. The Castle Lighthouse and The Fakerville Power Station were catching as the third installment.
The Font family consist of Edgar, Audrey and Garrett Font. The Fonts get a mysterious package delivered to them. They encounter a young ghost, who strongly needs their help. They must piece together clues and break the ancient spell. If they fail, they could be trapped forever. They meet up with an unexpected foe of Edgar. Can the Fonts break the spell and find the treasure? I strongly recommend it.
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