Labor Day 2014

Are you looking forward to Labor day? Are you doing any special? Need anything to do with Labor day. Well Amazon is having a Sale for Labor Day. Need something for the day. Maybe something for school. There are new books out for the holiday. Looking or searching for some good books or just surfing to see if they got. Well be my guess check it out. They are selling different types of things for you on the site, Electronics, Books, Tv’s, Audio, Music, so much more. Labor Day Promotions

They are selling books with the name Labor Day. They seem to be buying different kinds of them. they come in different categories. Military, World war II, Woman Fiction, Art History. They even got so in Physical books, Kindle, Audio CD, Paperback. Want to take look. Just Click Labor Day Books.

You can find all the Labor Day Deals. They will show you them. What would you decide to get? I know I would take a look if I was look deciding to buy a book. I like to find thing to be a deal. This includes for outdoors. You never know. so take a look and see what they offer. Happy Labor Day.

What Reading Apps do you use?


Welcome to my first ever mini series called Reading Apps. This is the first installment. What Reading apps do you use. I was just wondering about something. What book related apps have you used to read books, reviews and other things? I have use several different ways to read my books. One of the ways is by using apps that are available out there to read them. I read by using an e-reader, Physical bocks.  Soon to be added would be audiobooks. Did you ever use an app for your computer or table or phone to read books or review books? Lots of them are out there. Tell me what ways do you use them or any of them? Did you know you can read anywhere and even check out Reviews just about anywhere.

Products I use to read books. I will list them for you and see how I read and where I use them.

  1. E-Readers: I use this almost regularly. I even use them when I am on vacation and trips.
  2. Computers /Laptops : I really do not use this for reading books. I only used this away twice.
  3. Tablets: You can read your books and e-books on here and so much more.
  4. Mobile Phones: I barely use this option to read.

I would suggest that you my like reading a book with out having to carry a lot of books. Well this may be your answer to think about getting a e-reader product. This may also be the best way if you are thinking about being on a trip or going on vacation. I would recommend that you may want to pick up a e-reader or at least searching for one. Check out here

You like reading about books on computer. Well now you can. You can know read books on your computer. All you need to do is download the app for you to read your e-book or book that you want to read. These apps are free of charge to download. Click to download

Tablets are simple to e-readers and Computers. These are great for reading books and also be able to use for work if you needs to be. It also good for children to learn on as well with it allows apps to be downloaded. It may also be a good idea for readers as well.  When to take a look or search for one. Check out it here

There will be another installment next week sometime Saturday or Sunday. There will be in parts.

What Type of Reading App do you Use? – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

Thanks you all


Blog Ideas, Suggestions, Book Related

Hello all,

I hope to make this a little more fun. Please let me know how you feel about what kind of book Related things would you like to come with. Make some suggestions and post your ideas and you can pass this on to your friends. The only thing that I ask it that you keep it book related.

Tell me what you guys like to do.


I am thinking of doing a contest for you guess for you can have fun and enter. How would you like to do a Photo Contest?